Learn the story of an asteroid that turned into a rocket junk in space


Scientist Paul Chodas has revealed that something strange is orbiting the near-Earth object that has been named 2020 SOAnd it was supposed to be just other rocks among the tens of thousands of space rocks that astronomers monitored as they seep through our region into space, as scientists identify and track these cosmic objects to do what they can in the event that an object appears in a collision course with the Earth.

According to the site “space“The American, Paul, as head of the NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, evaluates observations of these objects every day, and who saw that 2020 SO It did not resemble an asteroid as advertised.

The scientist said, “Even on the night that it was announced, I said:” I think this is a missile stage … this is my guess, all circumstantial evidence indicates that. “

Now, nearly a month of continuous observations have confirmed that 2020 SO “It moves more like the stage of an exhausted rocket than it is a space rock, simply affected by the sunlight hitting it.”

He wrote in an email update, describing these calculations as “extremely strong evidence” that the object was not a space rock.

But he didn’t need constant observations to suspect that the previous space rock was in fact human debris, so it actually turned out to be the upper stage of the rocket. Centaur A consumer that was sent to space in 1966, and was affiliated with a NASA mission called Surveyor 2 to the moon.

Perhaps what raised doubts about the classification of this object as an asteroid is its slow speed and the extent to which its path around the sun is aligned with the Earth’s orbit, and asteroids do not tend to behave in this way, as they travel much faster and without regard to the Earth’s path around the sun.


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