Learn the latest details of the judicial war between Apple and Epic Games


Epic Games responded to Apple again in a new lawsuit, saying that IPhone maker has no right to reap the rewards of “Epic”And, this is the latest cry in the ongoing battle between the two companies, and perhaps the war began last August, when Epic introduced a new direct payment system in the famous Fortnite game to bypass Apple’s 30% fee.

According to “The Verge”, Apple expelled Fortnite from the App Store for violating its rules, and Epic responded with a civil lawsuit against Apple, pending that it violates antitrust law, and Epic also revealed that Apple threatened to terminate the developer account used to support the company’s Unreal Engine platform, which It would prevent Epic from developing future games for iOS or Mac.

US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued an injunction preventing Apple from retaliating against Unreal Engine, but he refused to issue an injunction that would have restored Fortnite in the Apple App Store.

Meanwhile, Apple said it would seek damages against Epic for alleged breaching its contract with the IOS app store, and the lawsuit included counter-claims for illicit enrichment and malicious interference in Apple’s relationship with its customers.

“Epic’s blatant disregard of its contractual obligations and other misconduct has caused significant damage to Apple,” the company added.


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