Learn about the rates of Arab currencies against the Egyptian pound today, October 17th


The prices of Arab currencies stabilized against the Egyptian pound in banks operating in the local market, at the beginning of today’s trading, Saturday 17 October 2020.

Today’s news portal publishes Arab currency rates, according to the latest rates of the National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr.

The price of the Saudi riyal was about 4.08 pounds for purchase and 4.19 pounds for sale.

And the price of the Kuwaiti dinar recorded about 48.73 pounds for purchase and 51.47 pounds for sale. The price of the Emirati dirham reached 4.23 pounds for purchase, 4.28 pounds for sale. The prices of Arab currencies witnessed a state of discrepancy between high and low during the last period’s transactions, according to the mechanism of supply and demand that The banks have followed suit in determining the rates of foreign and Arab currencies against the Egyptian pound since the exchange rate liberalization on November 3, 2016.


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