Leaks showcase some of the specifications of the first iMac with an ARM processor


The latest leaks showcased some of the specifications of the first iMac devices featuring an Apple processor that is based on the ARM manufacturing process, which will be officially launched in 2021.

Apple is preparing to launch a new generation of desktop Mac computers next year, which comes with custom processors designed by Apple, and the iMac devices that will be launched in the first half of next year will be powered by the A14T processor chip, along with a new screen card from Apple,

Apple had announced its plans to switch from Intel processors to using processors designed by the company and based on ARM architecture during the month of June.

The MacRumors website published a new report based on details in the Chinese newspaper “The China Times”, which confirmed that the A14T chip will be the first chip used in iMac devices, which is now known by the symbol “Mt.” Jade, along with the company’s custom card, now known as “Lifuka.”

These chips are based on the TSMC manufacturing process with a precision of 5 nanometers, which supports the device with more efficient performance and better energy consumption, to bring the devices to the professional level expected from the versions of Apple.

The report also confirms that Apple’s use of its own processors will support the company in better control over the design of new versions, with better support for iPad and iPhone applications on iMac devices.

The leaks indicate that Apple will present the new version of the iMac with the company’s 27-inch processors, and the official announcement of this version is also expected at an event to be held on November 17th, as Apple also introduces the first MacBook Pro with an Apple Silicon processor to be released. Device at the end of this year.


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