Latest news today – “Astronomical Jeddah”: The conjunction of the moon and Mars this evening … and the phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye


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The sky of the Arab world, after sunset today (Thursday) and the beginning of the night, witnesses the occurrence of the growing humpback moon near Mars, in a phenomenon easily seen with the naked eye.

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Engineer Majed Abu Zahra, explained that Mars is currently brighter than Sirius (the brightest star in the sky), so it will be easy to see the red light despite the moonlight.

He pointed out that the southern half of Mars can be seen, which tilts toward Earth, as dark and light areas are seen on the planet’s disk due to differences in the light reflectance, as the lighter areas represent deserts while the darker areas are rocks.

And he indicated that Mars replaced Jupiter this October, as it is the fourth bright celestial body to illuminate the sky (after the sun, moon and Venus), but with the beginning of November 2020, Jupiter will clearly regain its usual place in the celestial hierarchy, because the Earth is in its orbit. Faster and smaller around the Sun, it is now moving away from Mars; So the red planet is slowly diminishing in Earth’s sky.

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