Latest News Today – Ahmed Abaizid revives the Palestinian song “Wain A Ramallah” with a video clip


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Artist Ahmed Abaizid launched his newest work, “Wein a Ramallah”, in the form of a video clip.

Through the new song, Abaizid revived one of the most famous Palestinian folk songs by distributing music different from the usual, by presenting touches of the spirit of modern music and a mixture between hip-hop and electronic music, and presented it in the form of “Cover” in his own singing method, during which he collaborated with Mustafa Al-Sharif from the Egyptian Disco Group in The music production and distribution of the song, while the clip was directed by Moataz Ibrahim.

Abayazid explained that “Wayne A Ramallah” is one of the songs closest to his heart and one of his favorite songs for years, due to its nostalgia and its own musical state, and an acoustic synthesis that makes it unique no matter how it is redistributed in different musical forms, despite its presentation in several lyrical versions of Before, except that he decided to re-sing it on his own way, in a way different from the usual and “Cover” had not been presented before, adding that he decided to choose this song as the first single song that precedes his preparation for his first album.

Ahmed Abaizid’s singing journey extends for more than ten years. He started his career with the King Mohamed Mounir band, and put his own mark in founding many famous singing bands in Egypt, including “Howidro” and “Kaza Mood”, until he decided to independence with his own musical project, with a singing album After the public success of his latest song, “The Beauty of Being”, during which he collaborated with the Charmovers band, and released within the songs of their latest album “Insassah”, and recently collaborated with the Syrian-Armenian artist Ibby through the song Who I Am in the form of a lyrical duet.

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