Labor: Johnson has lost control of the Coronavirus crisis



Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister

Jonathan Reynolds, who is responsible for retirement policies in the British Labor Party, announced Sunday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is no longer in control of the Corona epidemic crisis.

Speaking to Sky News, he explained that only tightening health restrictions, despite their necessity, are not sufficient to face the situation, and more financial aid is necessary.

Labor: Johnson has lost control of the Coronavirus crisisJonathan Reynolds is the UK Labor’s retirement policy officer

Reynolds’ statements come on the eve of the initiation of the implementation of new measures within the health restrictions to confront the epidemic without opening a discussion with political partners and public opinion about them at a time when popular discontent is escalating, especially in the north of England, he said.

It is expected that the British Prime Minister will make a speech on Monday regarding fighting the epidemic in conjunction with the launch of the implementation of new measures that do not adopt a comprehensive closure as happened last spring, but rather adapt their response to the epidemic according to the necessities of the spot or the affected region.

Source: Reuters


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