Klopp responds to the mockery of the Ajax coach: his statements are shameful!


German coach Juergen Klopp, the club’s coach, responded Leferball, To the mockery of Dutch coach Erik Tien Haag, coach of Ajax, about the grounds of the “Johan Cruyff Arena”.

Liverpool defeated Ajax on Wednesday with a clean goal in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League.

After the match, Klopp said that the pitch was not good, as he saw it as bad, difficult and muddy, which hindered the players’ work.See his statements).

Tin Haag then commented sarcastically: “Let’s hope we get a better ground at Anfield!” (See more details).

Klopp said in a press statement: “I was disappointed by the people who asked Ten Hag about the Ajax stadium, and he was forced to respond.”

He added, “This is embarrassing. Certainly his statements are embarrassing, but who cares about the truth these days?”

He continued: “Our performance was better against Everton than the Ajax match, but we are required to win matches, and what I said about the lawn and the stadium was not a reason for our performance.”


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