Khloe Kardashian is infected with the Coronavirus … and Kim is worried about her


Reality TV star announcedChloe KardashianShe was infected bCorona Virus, Through a video clip of it.
A report by CNN stated that Karashian said that “I just discovered that I had contracted the Coronavirus. I am in my room and everything is going well even though it has not been so for several days.”
Despite this, Chloe commented expressing optimism, saying, “We will all skip this, as long as people abide by the rules. God bless us.”
In turn, her sister commentedKim kardashian, She said: “We are waiting impatiently for the results of the kidney tests to know if she suffers from the virus or not.”
And she continued, “My intuition says that she is injured because she is very sick. I am worried about her, and she is afraid, but she feels nervous.”
Their mother likewiseChris JennerHer anxiety, and indicated that she tried to call a doctor to get help, pointing out that Khloe suffers from some symptoms, including vomiting, coughing, shivering, hot and then cold flashes, in addition to severe head pain, which is not like a regular headache.


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