Khaled El Sawy embodies the character of a sea captain in the movie “For Rent”


In the coming days, Khaled El Sawy will travel to Alexandria with the team of “For Rent” to shoot the external scenes of the film, which will surprise the audience. Through the film, El Sawy returns to the comedy that depends on the situation.

Khaled El-Sawy embodies the character of a retired sea captain who lives in the city of Alexandria, and some situations occur between him and the artist Mohamed Salam, who is participating in the film. .

On the other hand, the team of “For Rent” has finished filming a number of external and internal scenes in one of the villas in Heliopolis, after which they moved to Alexandria, which witnesses most of the film’s events.

“For Rent”, starring Khaled El Sawy, Mohamed Salam, Jehan Khalil, Heidi Rifat, Yasser Al Tobji, Essam El Sakka, art producer Wael Al-Touni, director of photography Rami Islam, decorator Islam Abdeen, and montage of Hamada Abdel Moneim, written and directed by Islam Bilal.

Khaled Al-Sawy has finished filming these days two new films, the first is “Heikal Nazi”, which is co-starring alongside Ramez Jalal, Ghada Adel, Entisar and a number of other artists written by Louai El-Sayed and directed by Mahmoud Karim, and the second “March 30” with Ahmed El-Fishawy, Dina El-Sherbiny and Asma Abu Al-Yazid And Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Nada Moussa and Akhrah Ahmed Khaled Moussa.

Khaled Al-Sawy is awaiting the resumption of filming the film “Tape 6”, which he stars with the participation of Khaled Anwar and Tara Emad, written by Mahmoud Hamdan and directed by Muhammad Salama, and filmed a large number of scenes from it before he stopped due to production crises, while he is preparing to shoot a new movie entitled “The Pyramid Printing House” with Hamdy Al-Mirghani And Bayoumi Fouad, written by Amin Gamal and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

His last work was the movie “Money” with the star Tamer Hosni, as the film launched in theaters late last year and continues to be shown so far. The work stars Zeina, Muhammad Salam, Aisha bin Ahmed and a number of guests of honor, most notably Ahmed El-Sakka and Mai Ezz El-Din, and the film written by Mohamed Abdel-Moati. And directed by Saeed Al Marouq.


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