Khaled El-Gendy files a statement on the air against the song “Al-Sharaa Mahalali Arbaa” … and confirms: it offends the Sharia .. Video


Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi, a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, said that the popular singer should be careful when dealing with the constants of religion, calling on the singer who sings the song “Al-Shara Analyzer Arba’a”, which he quarrels about with another artist to withdraw his song and apologize for it, and not broadcast it at all, saying We will have to sue him or raise our complaints to God and then to Al-Azhar.

And the “soldier” added, during the episode of his program, “Perhaps they understand,” which was broadcast on satellite TV.dmc“,”: “This singer is good, Ibn Halal, polite and respectable, and there are no two people who disagree on his morals, expressing his refusal to include Islamic law in songs in this way,” indicating that this song has ugly words, commenting: “Before you turn to the insult that comes from France and countries The other, see the insult that is taking place in the noble country of Al-Azhar. “

A member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs submitted a public statement to the artist Hani Shaker, the captain of the musicians, calling for an intervention to prevent this song, noting that the lyrics of the song say: “Quietly, like this without falling asleep. Commenting on: “I do not find words that respond to this depravity and inferiority in words, explaining that Sharia has created social conditions for marriage, but it is not a home delivery or quality,” he continued: “Sharia did not come to announce to you.”

Khaled Al-Jundi emphasized that the conjunction of the word “sharia” with Sharia is transgression and offense, denouncing the link between polygamy and shagah, stressing that reverence is part of the complementary parts of dealing with religion, inferred to that by the saying of God Almighty: “.


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