Khadesh video implicates Haya Al-Shuaibi .. Her husband goes directly in and her story is not believed


Kuwaiti actress Haya Al-Shuaibi topped the public’s conversation after a malicious video clip was published on her Snapchat account, causing a sensation as soon as it was circulated on social media.

The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Majlis, said that the detectives arrested an artist for publishing a “pornographic” clip before her presentation to the Public Prosecution, but the electronic newspaper did not name this artist in her name, and Al-Shuaibi was later confirmed by several media sources.

After the spread of the shameless video clip, Al-Shuaibi justified this by saying that her account was “hacked more than once,” but the pioneers of social networking sites in Kuwait and other Gulf countries questioned the artist’s story, and said that it is impossible to hack the account because it is documented.

Some of them added that the artist admitted that she wanted to send the video to her companion, so one of the tweeters wrote: “I confessed, I was my father Adz, the video, the right of my wife, the forty, famous artist, to laugh, and wrongly put him in the story.

This was confirmed by Kuwaiti broadcaster and actor Abdullah Al-Talehi via a video clip saying: What happened to her and today she is in the prosecution office to investigate the issue that has happened. She was not spreading something pornographic. ”

Al-Talehi added: “This video is written from the camera’s album, I mean, it is on her phone, and it was intended to impose the right of her companions on the DirectX, and I downloaded it to Balastor by mistake, and within three minutes it was deleted because his husband called her and a quarter of her and they told her that you sent a video to Alastouri by mistake, This is the subject and what is in it, and I hope that matters will be resolved, and the picture will be clearer, and we are with the application of law and the law above all.

According to the information, the Kuwaiti Public Prosecution issued a decision to detain Haya Al-Shuaibi to continue investigations, and to transfer the account of “Kuwait Network” via the “Snapchat” application.

The incident comes a few days after the announcement of the actress being banned from appearing in the Saudi drama, after the accusations that followed her of insulting the Kingdom, stressing that the Saudi drama was the reason for Al-Shuaibi’s artistic success.

The Kuwaiti artist responded in an indirect way to the attack, saying: “I love to thank all of me, who comforted me, and the gossip and the extra words I don’t will go and I will not answer.”

She added: “If they say a body, I say Kuwait, and if they say a soul, I say Saudi Arabia, and if they say a heart, I say the people of Doha, and if they say a name, I say Oman, and if they say safety and kindness at your age, I say Bahrain, more than that, I would not say.”

And she expressed her good feelings towards the Saudis, saying: “You are the soul, and you know and the extra words, you know all a lie.”


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