Journalist Abu Zeid astonishes the guests on his wedding night


Journalist Philip Abu Zaid entered the golden cage on Sunday, and married Diana Abi Khalil in the Our Lady of Victory Church in Ghosta, in the presence of the two families of the newlyweds, and Father Hani Tawk, head of Al-Ekleel.The wedding ceremony was followed by a special ceremony that brought together the families of the newlyweds and Philip colleagues in the “Time Has Come” program, headed by the presenter of the media program Marcel Ghanem, in addition to some political figures, among them we mention the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Elie Ferzli, the President’s Advisor for Russian Affairs Amal Abu Zeid, and the former Minister Avedis Kidanian Resigned MP Nehmeh Ephrem, former Minister Ziad Baroud, President of the Union of Bcharre Municipalities, Elie Makhlouf, and the Mayor of Ghosta, Eng. Ziad Sulfon, William Gibran Touq, and Engineer Henry Sfeir.

The wedding was followed by a dinner party at the Sultan Ibrahim restaurant in the two transactions, in the presence of the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes and Cabarets in Lebanon, Tony Al-Rami and his wife.

During the ceremony, the groom Abu Zeid and his sister, the opera singer Christine Abu Zeid, gave a performance of the song “MY Way” by the singer Frank Sinatra, and surprised the guests.


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