Jordan reopens its land crossings with Saudi Arabia and Palestine


According to the official “Al-Mamlaka” TV: “3 land border crossings resumed their work to receive travelers, on Thursday, after a months-long closure.”

He added that these crossings “were confined to the center of the border with Saudi Arabia, King Hussein Bridge and Sheikh Hussein Bridge with the Palestinian territories, according to procedures and controls for the number of travelers for each crossing.”

It is decided that the center of the borders of al-Mawdawara in the south of the kingdom and the Sheikh Hussein Bridge in the northwest of the country will receive 100 passengers per day, while the King Hussein Bridge in western Jordan will receive 150 passengers.

Those coming to the Kingdom from these crossings must register on a dedicated electronic platform called “Visa Jordan” and do a corona examination (BCR) 5 days before their arrival to the Kingdom, in order to obtain the approval of “QR-Code” to enter the country.

The traveler will undergo a new examination upon arrival in Jordan, a home quarantine for a week if he is healthy, and a home quarantine for 10 days if he is infected.

Jordan closed its land borders and airports in mid-March to contain the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Only trucks carrying goods and goods were allowed to cross.

The kingdom reopened the airport last September.

And after it succeeded in reducing injuries in the spring and summer, Jordan has witnessed since the beginning of September a record high in the number of injuries.

As of Wednesday evening, the number of deaths due to infection with the Coronavirus emerging in the Kingdom reached 700 and about 61,942 cases.


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