Jordan- A large meteor explosion in eastern Russia – video


(MENAFN – Khaberni) Khabarni – Residents of the city of Okha in the north of the Russian island of Sakhalin in the far east of Russia saw a mysterious space guest that exploded yesterday evening in the sky of the city.

Some were able to film this explosion, including a resident of Okha, who filmed with his car camera a video clip of a large meteor that exploded in the sky and posted it on YouTube.

The man said that he walked on the evening of October 28 in Dzerzhinsky Street, where he caught a bright flash that appeared in the city sky and a luminous effect resulting from the explosion, and added that he did not hear a loud sound usually caused by an explosion.

The researcher at the Institute of Space Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Natan Asmoyt, said: “The phenomenon that the car driver photographed in North Sakhalin is the fall of a meteor measuring one or two meters.” He explained that such meteorites do not usually reach the surface of the earth and explode in the atmosphere.



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