Jerusalem News Agency – Leader Shehab: The mbc network carries out acts of sabotage to serve the enemies


The leader of the “Islamic Jihad Movement” in Palestine, Dawood Shihab, said today, Tuesday, that the network had been deleted mbc The series “Palestinian Westernization” is evidence of its destructive role in falsifying awareness and distracting Arab peoples from their enemies.

Shehab wrote on his Facebook account, saying: “This act aims to negate the Palestinian and Arab narrative of the events of the Nakba, which is one of the most serious crimes in history.”

He added that “Palestinian Westernization” is a wonderful and great dramatic work that will remain one of the most important works documenting a very important stage in the history of the Palestinian cause.

And he expressed his condemnation and condemnation of what I did MBC, Explaining that it will not reduce the value of the wonderful dramatic work, and what artistic production institutions should work on translating and dubbing it into other languages; So that this wonderful work remains alive.

It is referred to as a “channel”MBCShe deleted the series “Westernization” on “Shahid Net,” while social media users denounced that step, considering it a service in the interest of the Israeli occupation.


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