Japanese scientists discover a way to build cities on the moon’s surface – Al-Manar Channel Site – Lebanon


The team of scientists from the Japanese Institute for Radiation Research has reached the possibility of exploiting vertical lava tunnels on the surface of the moon in building cities, for their ability to protect humans and construction from the danger of radiation and meteorites.

The scientist of the Japanese Institute for Radiation Research, participating in the research, Satoshi Kudaira, said that these tunnels can protect humans and materials used in construction from the danger of radiation spreading in space, and according to the studies and what has been observed, it is clear that the level of radiation on the surface of the moon is higher than in a station “International space, and I think this creates a problem not only for humans, but also for equipment, and interferes with people’s long-term activities, and in some cases makes that impossible.

He added, “The radiation spreads in the open space and from all directions, and that the vertical lava tunnels on the moon can help not only build bases there for long-term residence of people, but also entire cities, as they protect them from radiation.”

Kodaira added, that these caves not only protect from radiation and small meteors, but also maintain a constant temperature.

He also noted that in 2017, the JAXA space agency published data that the width of the “lava tube” is at least 100 meters, and its depth can reach 50 km.

It is reported that the United States of America plans to build a station around the moon’s orbit and invites the partners of the international station to participate in this project, at a time when Japan expressed its desire to participate in the project.

Kyodo also recently reported, citing the space agency JAXA, that Japan plans to build a fuel production plant on the moon by 2035 in order to use it on a large scale to discover the moon, and to reduce the cost of transporting fuel from Earth.

Source: Sputnik


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