Jamal Youssef crying, influenced by the support of the artist Mohamed Sobhy, during the journey of healing. Video


The artist, Gamal Youssef, who was recently cured of cancer, entered into a crying fit after a telephone conversation with the artist Mohamed Sobhy for his great support during the journey of cancer recovery, who confirmed that he was considering sending him abroad for treatment. Muhammad Sobhi expressed his happiness at Gamal Youssef’s recovery during a telephone interview with the “Sabah Al-Balad” program, saying: “One of the happiest moments of my life..you are a beautiful and respectful person, my student and my son, and people love you and our Lord will honor you.” All stages of healing.

The family of the artist Jamal Youssef participated in the celebration of his birthday, as he confirmed that his wife stood next to him greatly during his illness.

The artist Jamal Youssef recovered from pharyngeal cancer that he had suffered in April, and he received the news of his recovery in the past hours, to enter into a fit of joy, expressing his happiness and gratitude to the nurses, and revealed that he had a tumor in the lymph nodes (nasopharynx), and began to speak with difficulty and a great change occurred in his features Youssef underwent 35 radiation sessions, which affected swallowing and vocal cords, and he suffered from the inability to eat foods.

And Gamal Youssef was satisfied with drinking liquids over the past three months, and lost a lot of weight, and appeared thin, but the past days witnessed an improvement in his condition until his recovery was finally announced..


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