“It put its power in a powder keg.” Pompeo condemns Turkey’s involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh


(CNN) – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned again, Thursday, Turkey’s involvement in the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Speaking to the “Eric Erickson Show” program, broadcast on WSB Radio, Pompeo said: “It is dangerous. Now we have the Turks, who have intervened and provided resources to Azerbaijan, which increased the risks and increased the intensity of the fighting that takes place in this historic battle on this place. Named Nagorno-Karabakh.

Pompeo continued: “This conflict must be resolved through negotiations and peaceful discussions, not through armed conflict, and certainly not with third-party countries that come to lend their power to what is actually a powder keg … We hope that Armenians will be able to defend against what the Azerbaijanis are doing.” And they all, before that happens, do the ceasefire correctly, then sit down at the table and try to solve it – and it’s a set of really complex historical problems. ”

During a State Department press conference, on Wednesday, Pompeo said that they “saw Turkey begin to consolidate Azerbaijan,” warning Ankara Davutoglu of the “potentially devastating repercussions” of that.

Pompeo said: “We have asked every international player to stay outside the region and not continue to exacerbate problems, and we are working to achieve that.”


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