It isn’t restricted to the wealthy only … Here’s how to rent a private jet


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – In light of the emerging coronavirus pandemic, fewer people want to sit on planes with strangers, so they are looking for alternative ways to travel, such as private jets.

Although flying in a private jet can be pricey, it is no longer an exclusive perk for executives and the wealthy.

Although chartering a private jet may cost more than flying in first class, the customized service it provides can be worth the effort.

In light of the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, fewer people want to sit on airplanes with strangers. Credit: Privatefly

Here is a quick look at the cost of private jets, the various options available, and the additional benefits that you can get.

How to rent a private plane

Private jets are becoming more available than ever in the shadow of Corona ... Here's how you can rent one
Although they are more expensive, private jet charter allows you to set your own flight path.
Credit: PrivateFly

One can book private jets directly from companies such as BLADE, XO and JSK.

Through these services, travelers can browse the different options, then send their details, and after that, a person from the company will contact them.

The company may have another trip to the same destination.

Therefore, if travelers do not mind traveling with strangers, a shared plane can be rented, and that will be much cheaper than booking the entire plane.

The cost of traveling by private jet

Private jets are becoming more available than ever in the shadow of Corona ... Here's how you can rent one
Private jets offer attractive advantages in light of the pandemic.
Credit: BENOIT TESSIER/AFP via Getty Images

The cost of private travel without any benefits can be as little as $ 100 for an hour-long flight, or up to $ 40,000 to get a plane for yourself to travel across the United States.

A number of variables determine the cost of private flying, the most important of which are the size of the aircraft and the number of hours it is used.

As a standard, the US-based Air Charter Service provided the following estimates for hourly leasing in the US in September of 2020.

Light aircraft (4 to 6 passengers): $ 4,000 to $ 5,500

Medium plane (6 to 9 passengers): $ 5,500 to 9,500

Heavy plane (16 to 19 passengers): $ 11,000 to $ 20,000

Benefits of private flying

Private jets are becoming more available than ever in the shadow of Corona ... Here's how you can rent one
Private jets provide an opportunity to avoid the crowded airports.

Private jet charter companies have seen a significant increase in bookings compared to last year, which is not surprising.

Many travelers want to avoid commercial air travel for obvious reasons.

Although some scientists say that the chances of contracting the “Covid-19” virus on a plane are low, but it is not the same when choosing a commercial airline, according to “GlobeAir”, due to the need to pass through airport security, and share the plane with many people .

As for private flights, they may contain no more than 20 contact points, as most aircraft depart from a private building.

The security screening process is faster, and the flight usually includes 15 other passengers.

This also makes contact tracing easier.

Other benefits also include enjoying special services that make first-class travel seem less attractive.

Passengers do not have to arrive at the airport two hours before departure to ensure that they have sufficient time to check luggage and pass security.

Besides, private jet flights are more pet friendly than commercial flights.

Will virtual conferences negatively affect the private jet sector?

Businesses are looking for ways to reduce their costs, and reducing unnecessary travel is an easy way to reduce expenses.

It is possible that virtual conferences and online trade shows will prevent business travel from returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Many important conferences are organized by default, including the “CES 2021” technology innovation exhibition.

However, some high-profile deals cannot be made online.

For example, executives may want to tour a potential site, or examine the work done at other sites.

Although there are many travel options within the Americas, and to Europe by one trip, reaching Asia from the Western Hemisphere will be difficult.

Due to the uncertainty and potential health risks of crowded public places, private jet travel is likely to be more popular among business executives in the near term.

A recent Corporate Jet Investor survey of 500 executives in the private jet sector showed that 92% of respondents are optimistic about private jet travel in 2021.


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