It has a value of $ 1.3 million … a car with a speed of 532 km per hour


SSC North America announced the launch of the new Tuatara hypercar, with a top speed of 93.532 km / h.
The American company explained that the new car is based on a 5.9-liter V8 engine with twin turbocharging, and this engine generates 1750 hp.

The new car appears with a fierce sporty design with a full floor covering, which is designed as a diffuser with Venturi channels, and on the rear there is a place for a two-outlet exhaust system.

The American company indicated that it relied on carbon fibers in the design of the fully developed body and the highly streamlined body, and the wheels are also made of carbon fiber, but the collision structures are made of aluminum alloy in the form of a honeycomb.

This structure, based on lightweight materials, has contributed to reducing the weight of the hypercar to only 1,274 kg. The production of this car is limited to 100 copies only, and it is available at a cost of $ 1.3 million.


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