It cost 52 million dollars .. Building a supercomputer to support medical research


The company “Nvidia” to produce computer processors said that it intends to build the fastest supercomputer in Britain, which medical researchers will be able to use to work on treating medical problems, including Covid-19.

Nvidia, which is based in Santa Clara, California, has said that it will spend forty million pounds ($ 52 million) on the production of the supercomputer, called “Cambridge-1”, which will consist of eighty Nvidia systems and is expected to be connected to the Internet. End of this year.

NVIDIA CEO Jin-Sun Huang said that Cambridge-1, which will be ranked as the world’s 29th supercomputer in terms of strength, will be available to healthcare researchers who use artificial intelligence to work on medical obstacles.

“Dealing with the world’s most pressing challenges in the field of medical care requires very powerful computational resources to harness the potential of AI,” Huang said.

Pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZanica are among groups that have already applied for supercomputer permission.

The announcement comes after the company said last month that it had agreed to buy UK-based chip design and production company Arm Holdings, for up to $ 40 billion.

The company also plans to establish a center for artificial intelligence research in Cambridge, England, where Arm Holdings is headquartered.

Sky News


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