It appeared in Spain … a new type of corona is spreading in Europe


A new type of emerging corona virus, believed to have originated in Spain, has spread throughout Europe, and it now makes up the most of the new cases reported in many countries in the region, according to the results of a new study.

Transferring a report from the websiteCNBC“The research, which is due to be published, Thursday, in the journal medrxiv, and has not been scientifically reviewed, details how an international team of scientists closely monitored the virus through its genetic mutations.

Each new mutation of Corona has its own genetic signature, which means that it can be determined where it first appeared.

The new type was detected by researchers from Switzerland and Spain, from the University of Basel, the Biomedical Institute in Valencia, and the University of Valencia, and it was first detected in Spain in June, at a rate of 40 percent of cases.

Elsewhere, it rose from a very low percentage before July 15 to 40 percent to 70 percent in Switzerland, Ireland and the United Kingdom in September.

It is also found to be prevalent in Norway, Latvia, the Netherlands, and France.

The researchers said in the study that they do not have direct evidence to indicate that the new variant of the virus is spreading faster than other mutations.

The study results suggest that people returning from holidays in Spain may have played a role in spreading the new boom across Europe.

Most of the countries of Europe are suffering from a new outbreak of Corona, and bars, restaurants and service bodies are preparing to close their doors in France and Germany on Thursday, at a time when countries around the world are facing difficulties in determining the extent to which they can proceed with the imposition of closure measures in light of the high numbers of new infections with the Corona virus.

From Friday, France will prevent its residents from leaving their homes without permits, which brings to mind the strict home isolation measures that the world witnessed at the beginning of spring.

Bars and restaurants will also be closed until December, and the possibility of travel between regions of the country will be limited, French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday evening.

Hundreds of thousands of new cases increased the total number of infections to more than 44.5 million, with about 1.2 million deaths, at a time when the virus continues to spread and claim lives around the world.


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