Islam Ibrahim is not the first … the strangest looks of male stars on the red carpet (photos)


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Artist Islam Ibrahim has sparked controversy over the past few days due to the looks he adopted to appear on the red carpet at the El Gouna Film Festival for its fourth session since its opening ceremony.

Ibrahim was keen to appear in unfamiliar clothes by wearing a suit that combines a number of spring colors unusual in the style of the men’s suit, as well as the style of Curley’s hair and the wide mustache, which exposed him to criticism from some observers, while others expressed their admiration for the unconventional look. .

Islam Ibrahim’s choice of exotic looks may seem not frequent on a large scale in Egypt and the Arab world, but it is not an individual act, as Hollywood stars from men used to appear distinctive and inspired by an idea outside the box on the red carpet at film festivals, as clothes represent one of the most important tools Artists to steal the spotlight at global art events.

Al-Masry Al-Youm detects the strangest costumes of male stars on the red carpet.

Billy Potter

Actor and singer Billy Potter is one of the most unexpected artists to appear in coral, as he used to wear clothes that combine both men’s and women’s designs.

For example, the American singer appeared with a look the first half of which consisted of a shirt and a men’s suit jacket in black, while the second half was a fluffy skirt instead of pants at the Oscars in 2019.

The strangest looks of Play Potter

Potter also raised controversy at the Oscars award ceremony for the year 2020 by wearing a women’s dress, the upper part of which was made of gold, and the lower part was of fabric that combines a number of shades of brown and orange.

The strangest looks of Play Potter

The American star was also able to catch the eye at the Grammy Award ceremony for the year 2020, where he wore a bright turquoise suit, a hat with silver pendants, and completed the look with a makeup in the same colors of clothes.

The strangest looks of Play Potter

Lil Nas X.

The American rapper Lil Nas X is one of the celebrities who are keen to attract attention at international artistic events by wearing strange or unrealistic clothes, and perhaps one of his most prominent looks are those that appeared at the Grammy Awards for the year 2020, where he wore a “pink” suit. And an unusual design, he wore shoes and a hat of the same color.

Lil Nas X.

Spike Lee

American director Spike Lee wore distinctive clothes at the Oscars 2020, which saw him winning the award for the first time for the movie BlacKkKlansman “, as he wore a mauve suit, unusual accessories, and golden shoes.

Director Spike Lee

Stephan James

Stefan James also grabbed the limelight at the Oscars by wearing a red velvet suit, which is unusual for a men’s look.

Stephan James

Taylor the Creator

American rapper Taylor the Creator appeared, at the Grammy Award ceremony, with a strange block that does not belong to any culture represented in a white suit, hat and shoes, and made sure to carry a box-like bag in the same color of the suit.

Taylor the Creator

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