ISIS calls for striking the Saudi economy and attacks Qatar and the Brotherhood


ISIS called on its operatives and supporters to strike Saudi economic interests, accusing them of being agents of the Israeli occupation.

In a speech by its official spokesman, Abu Hamza al-Qurashi, titled “Tell the stories, perhaps they think,” the organization said that the organization’s supporters should strike the oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia that opened its airspace to the occupation.

Al-Qurashi also called for attacking nationals of Western countries, attacking at the same time the Qatari government due to the presence of the American “Al-Udeid” base on its territory.

Al-Qurashi attacked the Muslim Brotherhood, describing it as a “bankrupt Brotherhood,” accusing it of working for Iran.

Al-Qurashi said that the new emir of the organization, “Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi,” had accepted sales made by members of the organization in Africa, Asia and elsewhere.

Al-Qurashi focused on the attacks carried out by the organization in Mali, Congo, Burkina Faso and Chad, calling on them to strike the French interests there.


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