Iraq News – An Iraqi pilot and his assistant were killed in the crash of a military plane in the north of the country


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(Today’s Encyclopedia of News | Iraq News) – The Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced today, Saturday, that a pilot and his assistant were killed by the crash of a “Cessna Caravan” military plane designated for training purposes, during a training flight in Salah al-Din Governorate, north of the country. This comes days after the return of controversy. About problems in the maintenance of Iraqi military aircraft since the withdrawal of the American team that is assisting Iraq in the mission from the Balad base in the north of the country, due to the missile attacks carried out by militias linked to Iran since February of last year on bases and camps that include the forces of the International Coalition or the United States. A brief statement by the Iraqi Security Media Cell said that a technical defect in the “Cessna Caravan 172” plane designated for training purposes led to its burning and falling in the city of Balad within the “Sayed Muhammad” area, near uninhabited housing units, confirming that the accident led to the killing of Lieutenant Colonel Saif Ayed. And his assistant Captain Ali Rasul.

Iraqi Security Media Cell: a Cessna Caravan aircraft crashed on a training mission in Salahadin province’s Balad district.

Its pilot, a lieutenant colonel, & copilot, a captain, were killed.The crash was due to technical issues.


– Baxtiyar Goran (@BaxtiyarGoran) October 31, 2020

On the other hand, Salah al-Din Governor Ammar Jabr confirmed that the pilot and his assistant died in the accident, pointing out that the plane fell in an uninhabited area, indicating that there were no second losses in the accident.

Urgent???? An Iraqi training plane fell in the district of Balad and the death of its crew, Lieutenant Colonel, the pilot and his assistant.

— Emad M Mola (@MolaEmad) October 31, 2020

Meanwhile, an official at Balad Air Force Base said that an investigation had been opened into the accident, coinciding with the arrival of officials from the Air Force to the area of ​​the ill-fated plane, adding to “Al-Araby Al-Jadeed” that “the accident is the first of its kind in two years, after a plane fell in Wasit, southern Iraq,” Seven air force soldiers were killed, “he said. The results of the investigation into the accident are expected to be announced later this week.

The expert on Iraqi military affairs, retired Brigadier General Rafie al-Salihi, considered that the accident reflects the extent of Iraq’s need for the return of American maintenance experts, especially with information circulating about the need for maintenance of several aircraft within the F-16 fighter squadron.

According to al-Salehi, the recent discussions of Defense Minister Jumah stubbornness with US officials focused on this point, but Washington is looking for guarantees for the security of maintenance teams operating in Iraq, whether those specialized in aircraft or the Abrams tank maintenance teams that have also withdrawn.

He added to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the threats of the armed factions are considered the main cause of the problems facing the Iraqi Air Force after the withdrawal of the American companies, “Salibort” and “Lockheed Martin” from Iraq, which had been supervising maintenance work and ensuring the safety of aircraft throughout the past years.

Activists circulated a video recorded from a surveillance camera at the moment of the crash of the plane, showing the proximity of the place of its fall from rural homes in the area, as well as pictures of the pilot and his assistant who were killed in the accident.

An Iraqi training plane crashed near the city of “Balad” north of Baghdad, and the martyrdom of its two pilots … I belong to God and to Him we shall return …… the moment the plane fell

– Abdulwahid Tohme (@ abdulwahidtoum1) October 31, 2020

The fall of an Iraqi Air Force plane, a caravan 172 (training), which led to its burning and falling in the district of Balad in the area of ​​Sayed Muhammad, near Balad’s uninhabited residential apartments, and the accident resulted in the death of Lieutenant Colonel Saif Ayed and his assistant Captain Ali Rasoul.

Marwan Hatem | Marwan Hatem (@MarwanJumaili) October 31, 2020

Note: The content titled (The killing of an Iraqi pilot and his assistant in the crash of a military plane in the north of the country) was first published on the (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed) website. Today’s news encyclopedia does not bear its content in any way.
You can see the details of this address (the killing of an Iraqi pilot and his assistant in the crash of a military plane in the north of the country) through its original source, namely the site (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed).

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