Iran records the highest daily death rate since the spread of Corona



The Iranian Ministry of Health announced that 279 new deaths from the Coronavirus have been recorded, in the highest daily death rate since the outbreak of the pandemic, while 4,830 new cases of the virus were recorded during the past 24 hours.

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Iran .. isolate 5 cities for 3 days to limit the spread of Corona

The Iranian Health Ministry reported 4,830 new infections with the Coronavirus, and the total increased to 513,219, and it also reported that there were 279 new deaths from the virus, and the total rose to 29,349.

She indicated that the number of people recovered had risen to 414,831, while noting that 4,609 people with Coronavirus are in critical condition in the intensive care rooms.

The ministry said that the number of Corona analyzes has increased to date to 4,398,723.

On the other hand, Iranian health pointed out that 30 provinces (out of 31) are still in a serious health condition, including 26 provinces in a red health condition in relation to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which are: Tehran, Isfahan, Qom, East Azerbaijan, South Khorasan, Samnan Qazvin, Lorestan, Ardabil, Khuzestan, Kermanshah, Gilan, Bushehr, Zanjan, Ilam, Khorasan Razavi, Mazandaran, Alborz, West Azerbaijan, Markazi, Kerman, North Khorasan, Hamedan, Yazd, Chahar Mahal, Bakhtiari, Kahkiliya and Boar Ahmad.

And 4 regions are on alert due to the high rates of infection with the virus: Kurdistan, Hormuzgan, Fars, and Golestan.

Source: RT


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