Intensive care departments in Tunisian hospitals reach 80% of their capacity


Tunisian Minister of Health, Faouzi Al Mahdi, said today, Wednesday, that the capacity of intensive care departments in public hospitals in the country has reached about 80% in light of the rapid spread of the Corona virus.
He added to reporters that 145 HIV-positive patients are in intensive care, while Tunisia only has 181 resuscitation beds.This situation reinforces fears of the state’s inability to deal with the virus in light of the weak health infrastructure, and the lack of equipment and medical staff.

Tunisia, which managed to control the first wave of the epidemic, recorded about 45,000 injuries and 740 deaths.

To slow the virus, the authorities announced a night curfew in the capital Tunis this month, and allowed the governors to announce a curfew in their destinations, when the situation requires it.

However, Prime Minister Hicham El Mechichi said that there will be no comprehensive health ban again because it will cost the Tunisian economy, which is expected to contract 7% at the end of the year, while the budget deficit is expected to double to 14% due to the Corona crisis.


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