Indonesia records 3,565 cases and 89 deaths from the Coronavirus


Today, Thursday, the Indonesian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 3,565 new confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), and 89 deaths related to it during the past 24 hours.

The total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 nationwide increased to 404,48 cases, while the total number of deaths related to the virus rose to 13,701 deaths, according to official data reported by the local newspaper “The Jakarta Post” in its electronic version.

The data also indicated that the total number of people recovering from the disease also increased to 329,778 people.

The Corona virus epidemic has reached all 34 provinces of Indonesia, but the capital, Jakarta, is still the epicenter of the epidemic, as it has so far recorded a total of 104 thousand and 235 confirmed infections, followed by East Java with 52 thousand confirmed infections.

It is reported that Indonesia is the country with the highest death toll from COVID-19 in Southeast Asia.


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