In the video, the second fire in Saudi forests in a week … and the arrest of 3 Ethiopians


A massive fire broke out, on Wednesday evening, in a mountainous area in the village of Al-Quoz in Al-Souda district, the second in a week to break out in the forests of the Saudi Asir region.

This fire came in southwestern Saudi Arabia within a week after the Tanuma fire, which lasted for several days.

The Saudi Civil Defense said on his Twitter account that his teams in Asir started a fire in the weeds and weeds in a mountainous area in the village of Al Quoz in Al Souda Center.

And he indicated that some sites have been controlled in the Al-Souda fire, and work is underway to open roads to reach the rugged places to fight the fire, indicating that no injuries have been recorded so far.

A hashtag bearing the name of the Top Trend of Soudah Fire was issued in Saudi Arabia, during which the tweeters expressed their wishes for safety for the people of Asir.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 3 violators of the border security system of Ethiopian nationality, which it said had caused the Tnuma fire, which spread over an area of ​​more than 4 million and 700 thousand square meters, and resulted in the burning of large numbers of wild plants.

The security spokesman of the Ministry of Interior announced that the identity of those accused of setting the fire, which resulted in a fire in Jabal Ghulamah, located in Tanuma Governorate in the Asir region, was identified a week ago.

He pointed out that a number of violators of the border security system set fire to them as a result of differences between them, and they were arrested and legal measures were taken against them.


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