In the picture – Saber Al-Rubai mourns the death of his friend and sends him a moving message


The Tunisian artist, Saber Al-Rubai, expressed his grief over the death of a close relative and mourned him through his own account on a social networking site, and published a picture of his friend and attached it to an impressive message in which he came.
He wrote in it, saying: “With all sorrow, anguish and heartache, I bid you farewell today, my friend, brother and companion at the university to your last resting place. You were the one who was by my side in all the details of my artistic career, advising me, supporting me and a fierce defender of me and following all my newcomers.”
Saber Al-Ribai added: “You were the exception and the sincere and sincere. I was among my brothers and sisters while we were still on the university bench, and I remembered all the moments when we used to meet beautiful companions without assignment. “
He concluded his message by saying: “I will miss you, my brother, my friend and my beloved, and I am all grieved for a difficult separation.


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