In order to prepare for the new season, the administration of the Saudi Jeddah Federation is looking for two important matters


Seeking club management Saudi Jeddah Federation To arrange team papers in preparation for the 2020-2021 season of the championship Saudi Professional League During the coming period, so as not to get difficult for the team, as happened last season.

And last season, the Saudi Jeddah club, Al Ittihad, was on the verge of relegation until the last round, which it won to stay among the top players.

The Saudi Professional League is scheduled to start on the 17th of October.

An informed source revealed to the Saudi newspaper, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, that there have been vigorous federal moves to secure financial liquidity to fulfill a number of financial obligations, in order to avoid the occurrence of crises in terms of receivables similar to last season.

According to the source, the federation administration intends to contract with a foreign professional who is good at playing in the midfield position and the playing industry, in addition to the negotiations it is leading with a number of local names in the defense and midfield centers to strengthen the team’s ranks with a number of foreign options for the new sports season..

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The newspaper indicated that the management of the federation has set a strategy of consensual action in a number of files related to the club, with regard to contracts and financial obligations on the club, as it intends to limit its foreign options in light of the club’s association with a number of foreign players, as well as limit local options in the presence of a number of distinguished players. Youth in the ranks of the Sunni groups in the club, and to benefit from the sums of money that will be allocated by contracting with a number of foreign professionals in order to solve the crisis of the club’s dues for several parties to the club.The source pointed out that the federal efforts are relentless to end a number of claims during the next two days, with the aim of resolving all outstanding issues on the club, including players and clubs dues, and closing them completely, with the signing of a number of financial clearances for foreign and local players..

In the context of the file of the departed, striker Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi, the Al-Ittihad player, is on the verge of joining Al-Raed club during the current transfer period, with his contract approaching the expiry of his contract without a desire to renew the player.

Al-Ittihad announced the departure of 6 players from the ranks of the team, as the duo Abdul Aziz Al-Aryani and Abdullah Al-Ammar were loaned to Damak for one sporting season, and the young team midfielder, Yunus Abdul Wahid, was loaned to Jeddah for one season during the summer transfer period, while he left Assaf Al-Qarni, the team’s goalkeeper and defender Ammar Al-Daheem, permanently after the end of their contract with Al-Ittihad.


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