In a surprise move, Farah Bseisu canceled everyone’s follow-ups and explained why


Artist Farah Bseisu sparked a wave of controversy due to a comment she posted on the “stories” feature on her private account on the Instagram photo and video application. Through him, she indicated that she intends to unfollow everyone.

She clarified her decision and wrote: “Because friendship is not as long as it was on social media, but I apologize, I will unfollow it for everyone. Whoever knows my number can communicate with me personally. He did this without hesitation, according to (her magazine).

Later on, another message was published in which he said: “To clarify, I will not get drunk (because everyone asked this question). Friends that I gained, I got to know, I contacted them here, they moved to a field that is more important and closer to my life than social media platforms.”

She added, “To respectful followers all the love. For friends of the soul, we did not need to announce our friendship through a platform. As for the fake people, by saying: ‘God is ciao’.”

The two messages were circulated on a number of active accounts of the signing, which caused an uproar as many questioned the reason for this decision, while others supported the actress.


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