In a documentary … Paris Hilton reveals details of her troubled past


Sharjah 24 – Reuters:Former reality TV star and businesswoman Paris Hilton reports in her new documentary “This is Paris” that she suffered psychological and physical abuse in a boarding school when she was a teenager and is now working to close the school.

“There are a lot of people writing letters to me saying ‘Thank you so much,'” said Hilton, 39.

She explained that she boycotted her parents for 20 years because they sent her to Provo Canyon School in Utah, USA.

In the documentary, which premiered on her YouTube page this month, Hilton asserts that she has been subjected to psychological and physical abuse, placed in solitary confinement for hours, and forced to take unknown medications.

Hilton said she was sent to Provo and several other schools for teens suffering from unrest after years of rebellion.

Provo Canyon School sent a written statement responding to Hilton’s accusations stating, “We are aware of the media’s reference to Provo Canyon School. Please note that the previous owner sold the school in August 2000. Therefore we cannot comment on the management or patient experience prior to that time.” .


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