“If we don’t meet,” land on “Abu Dhabi”


The series stars Yusef Al-Khal and Sarah Abi Kanaan

After being shown on the Qatari “bein Drama” channel last Ramadan, the “Abu Dhabi” channel is preparing to air the series “If We Never Meet” (Nada Emad Khalil, directed by Elie Al-Ramzat, executive producer Caroline Milan). The Lebanese drama will be broadcast on Thursday evening and will last for several weeks. The work tells social stories about a family experiencing several problems linking the past and the present. Youssef Al-Khal, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Nawal Kamel, Vivian Anthony and Youssef Haddad will play the action tournament, in addition to veteran actors Issam Al-Ashqar, Khatam Al-Lahham, and Naama Badawi. It is noteworthy that the LBCI channel was negotiating to offer “If We Never Meet” last Ramadan, but it changed its idea. It seems that negotiations between the series’s creators and LBCI have finally led to the broadcast of the project.


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