“I sacrificed my arnoubi, cake,” Al-Marsad newspaper


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Badr Khalaf, the well-known Emirati “Social Media”, returned to stir up controversy again after the artist Rabeh Saqr banned him, as he posted a comment on a publication by the artist, Abdul Majeed Abdullah.

And in the details, Abdullah tweeted through his Twitter account, saying: “I am from the rabbit group,” Khalaf hurriedly answered him, saying: “I did not sacrifice my grandmother Al-Arnoubi.

After Khalaf responded, a large number of Abdullah’s followers interacted, recalling what the artist Rabeh Saqr did, after Khalaf made an inappropriate comment with him.

And up to this point, the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah has not taken any action against Khalaf, as Rabeh Saqr and Ziad Al-Misfer did. This led some to comment that Abdullah decided to ignore Khalaf, while others commented that he may not have noticed the response to this, but he has not acted yet.

It is worth noting that Badr Khalaf, a former Emirati journalist, decided to leave the media and work in channels, and went to “social media” to gain fame by stirring up controversy, as Khalaf insists on acting in a feminine way, by talking about makeup, masking and dancing and directing his advice especially to girls , And provides them with advice on beauty and style and how to take care of their husbands.


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