“I must live” about society’s view of Vitiligo patients


Jamila Awad turned to the media and social media pages after she featured in the story “I Must Live” (written by Najla Al-Hudaini and directed by Maryam Ahmadi) in the series “Una I”, which dmc recently started showing. The new work raises the problem of Vitiligo and how to live with it, for the time in Egyptian drama. The actress appears as a girl who suffers from Vitiligo, and reflects the society’s view of her, but she is determined to fight all the bullying she is exposed to as a result of her appearance that changed with her disease. Awad received a lot of positive comments from followers, describing her performance as professional and realistic. For her part, Logina Salah, the first Egyptian broadcaster affected by Vitiligo, expressed her happiness after the project was launched. And it published a comment on its social media pages, revealing the patient’s suffering from the pain. It is noteworthy that “But I” is a collection of stories inspired by real events and includes 10 episodes. The series discusses many issues of concern to women, such as how Eastern society views them. The story “I Must Live” was collected by all of the actors: Jamila Awad, Najla Badr, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Khaled Anwar and others.


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