I am lucky … and my father supports me and criticizes me with all objectivity


Artist Hanadi Muhanna lives a double state of happiness between her personal life and her marriage to her fiancé, the young artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, and her artistic success in more than one artistic work, headed by the series “Betrayal of Ahd” with the artist Yousra, and “The Fatwa” with Yasser Jalal and Mai Omar .

About her artistic activity and the role of her family in her success and relationship with the artist Yusra and her evaluation of her last two roles, Hanadi spoke in a private dialogue with “Al Arabiya.net”.

Hanadi Mhanna

* At the beginning, tell us about the state of flare you are currently experiencing on the technical level after the success of your business and at the family level after your marriage?

** I am very happy, praise be to God, and I feel very stable on a personal level after my marriage contract with the person I love and respect with all my heart, and with regard to work, I was fortunate this year to stand before major stars and present important and influential roles, and this is all a blessing from God in the beginning and the end, and not in a personal arrangement Absolute, as we know, there were very bad conditions in the whole world, and whoever succeeded this year is a measure from God and the diligence and persistence of the person that would not have been completed without there being a certain fate.

Who is the bully? Who is the bully?

* You said that the role that made you feel most terrified was your role in the “bully”, so why?

** The nature of my role in the “fatwa” was very different, as she is a girl who lived 120 years ago, for example, and it is not an old age but rather an old one. Certainly a personality like this made me very afraid of the way of performance, emotion and expression, so sure they were slightly different from us in the details, so I was keen in my performance that my way of speaking was in line with the role, and it scared me to forget while I was speaking, so my way of speaking would appear western or modern, and that contradicts the character.

Yousra and Hanadi Yousra and Hanadi

* How were you encouraged to choose a character in the “bully” with such difficulty as long as you realize that you might be terrified of it?

** The truth is, I did not imagine seeing myself in this role, thanks to the director and author who chose me, and I am not the one who chose the role. On the contrary, if I were in their place, I would not have chosen myself, so they are counted for their courage in choosing and I salute them very much for this adventure, and I would like to add The idea of ​​working with major stars in this series was another added risk to my fears, in all sincerity.

Hanadi with her fiancé, the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh Hanadi with her fiancé, the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh

* You participated in the series Al-Fatwa with your fiancé Ahmed Khaled Saleh in a scene that you confessed to love .. Is this scene similar to something real between the two of you?

** Indeed, it is the first participation between me and my fiancé, artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, in the first drama, and it is the first romantic scenes that bring us together, and it was difficult scenes because it really resembles our true feelings, and I feel very shy to express my feelings, and there was an important scene, which was frank with my fiance Ahmed Khaled Saleh with love, and at that time I was confused and did not know how to embody it, so they told me to imagine yourself in reality and in the body of what exactly happened between you, and indeed the scene was done in this way.

Hanadi Mhanna Hanadi Mhanna

* Frankly and far from you being engaged to Ahmed Khaled Saleh, what do you think of him as an actor?

** Ahmed is a talented and distinguished artist. His work is great, and I felt in front of him that he had thirty years of experience. Working with him is real, with passion, pleasure, and a great amount of experience. I benefited a lot from him because he has great human maturity and has a great sense of drama.

Hanadi with her father, the musician Hani Mhanna Hanadi with her father, the musician Hani Mhanna

* You have a strong relationship with the star Yusra, so what about your cooperation with her in the series “Betrayal of Ahed”?

** Indeed, I have a great relationship with the artist Yosra for a long time, and I wanted to stand before her in a work of art, and this was achieved in the series “Betrayal of Ahed” with the creative director Sameh Abdel Aziz, and working with her is more than wonderful at all levels. She is a star by all standards, stature and talent that is not repeated. And the real knowledge of Yusra is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a person, and anyone who has Yusra in his life, whether as a friend, colleague, or just acquaintance, he is lucky, as I have benefited from her very technical advice, in addition to that she gives energy, joy and a positive spirit and helps everyone.

And I must note that she helped me in the most difficult scenes in the series, which is the scene of the visit of “Hisham”, who played the role of her son and was supposed to love him, and he died and we visited him in the cemetery a week after his death.

* Your father, the musician, Hani Mhanna, supports you a lot in your artwork .. How does he do that?

** My father is the most affectionate people in the world and he is the closest person to my heart, for he is my supporter, my bond and my great love, and in art he supported me with all love and it is enough to say that he follows the series I participate in and writes their dates so that he does not forget them, in addition to that he always advises me greatly about art and methods of selection It honestly and objectively evaluates my performance without any bias.


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