Hussein Al-Jasmi joins the baking ladies in front of the oven: The Egyptian woman is the source of taste and struggle


Share the Emirati star Hussien El-Jasmy His audience has a picture of him baking with Egyptian women in peasant dress, through his Instagram account, and he wrote on the picture, saying: “Egyptian women are always the source of good taste and kindness, and a set of examples in struggle and morals .. wherever they are.”

Hussien El-Jasmy

On the other hand, the song “Balbunt Al Baida” presented by the Emirati star Hussein Al Jasmi less than 70 days ago exceeded the barrier of 230 million views on YouTube, and is one of the songs that achieved the highest viewing rates in the recent period. And the song became a trend among the audience among their favorite songs during this period, as well as on social media, and the song “Bunt Al Bata” by star Hussein Al Jasmi won the admiration of everyone, especially the artists, and this was shown through the videos that spread to them while they were dancing on the song.

Hussein Al-Jasmi had expressed his happiness at commemorating the 47th anniversary of the glorious October victories, at a ceremony held in the city of Galala in Ain Sokhna recently, sponsored by the United Company for Media Services, and he said on his Twitter account, “We celebrated with our Egyptian loved ones with all love and joy and sang together in the love of Egypt and the victories of October The great … and we exchanged love as usual, my beloved Egypt and I. ”

The star Hussein Al-Jasmi began his singing part within the activities of the concert with the song “To transgress his life”, after which he sang a group of his best songs from Ama Barawa to the long distances, then confirmed in his speech that the people of the Emirates and Egypt are one people and Victory Day is a holiday for the entire Arab nation, stressing that Egypt is always building, beautiful and constantly renewed during the era of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The singer Hussein Al-Jasmi was preceded by the singer Mahmoud Al-Asaily, who lit the concert with several songs that he concluded with the song “I am the son of Egypt”, and the star Mustafa Hajjaj participated before him, as part of the activities of the third paragraph of the concert that was held last week in the city of Galala, Ain Sukhna, where he started singing a song O mint. ”


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