Hundreds of meteors hit the Earth during the current month


Ramallah – the world of the homelandThe British newspaper “Daily Mail” said that meteorites usually spread in the month of October of each year, indicating that it is expected that the peak sightings will be on the morning of October 21.

The newspaper stated, according to what was reported by (the seventh day), that the Orionid meteorites will be launched by hundreds of meteors this month, adding: “This cosmic event occurs when the Earth passes through a stream of debris left by Halley’s comet, which is the main comet of the Orionid shower.”The newspaper pointed out, that scientists noticed that meteorites can move at a speed of 148 thousand miles per hour in the atmosphere, but leave gaseous effects in the sky that last for a few seconds.

And NASA reveals that the Orionids is one of the most beautiful meteor rains of the year, which can be seen in the northern and southern hemispheres after midnight. If you are in the northern hemisphere or the northeast, if you are in the southern hemisphere then look up and enjoy as much of the sky as possible, and in less than 30 minutes in the dark, your eyes will adjust and you will start to see meteors.

The shower stems from a stream of debris left by Comet Halley, which winds its way into the inner solar system. The comet’s core throws ice and rock dust into space that becomes the Orionoid meteorites in October.

This month also comes with a rare blue moon that will be visible in all regions, and will not shine in blue, but it was given this name because it is the second full moon to appear in the same month, and the first occurs at the beginning of October.


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