Hundreds of Italians protest against sanitary measures in Campania


Hundreds of people protested in the Italian city of Naples, last night, against the possibility of more stringent health measures in the face of the Corona virus, following the statement of the President of the Campania region regarding possible measures.

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“We have to close everything, except for those companies that produce and transport basic commodities, we need to make a last effort to get things under control,” said the president of the Campania region, Vincenzo de Luca, in a post he posted on his personal Facebook page. Everything for a month, for 40 days, “considering that” the current data on infection makes any kind of partial measures ineffective, “without explaining when the closure will begin.

This led to hundreds of demonstrations in the streets of the city of Naples in protest against these possible measures, as Campania had already closed most of its schools and imposed a night-time curfew, and these protests witnessed a confrontation with the police, in which the police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

These demonstrations are the first of their kind in Italy since the spread of the Corona virus eight months ago.

Coronavirus cases throughout the country have increased seven times since the beginning of the month, and they jumped to 19,143 cases yesterday, Friday, and raised fears that the epidemic would spin out of control, and the number of deaths due to the Corona virus increased, but at a slower and lower rate, and the total number of cases reached The death due to Corona 91 cases yesterday, less than 136 deaths the previous Thursday, and much less than the peak of the first wave in March and April, when a daily peak of more than 900 deaths was reached.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has indicated that he wants to avoid a new national lockdown that would destroy the fragile economy.

It is worth noting that Italian law gives regional leaders the freedom to set their own restrictions, and several regions take matters into their own hands.

The governor of the Lombardy region, which includes Italy’s financial capital Milan, said on Friday that his region is facing a “tragic situation,” and urged locals to respect the curfew, which starts from 11 pm until 5 am, among other measures.

Source: “Reuters”


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