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I went to America to study in 1965, and I stayed there for 17 years (1965-1982) to study, during which I went through radical changes in the social issue and in the course of the domestic and foreign policy of that country, perhaps the most prominent of which is the power of McCarthyism and the Vietnamese war and the events that followed it and followed it.Scholarships to America were in their infancy at the time, and the Cultural Attaché in New York did not follow the students ’academic journey accurately, but God rewarded them – and truth be told – what they were failing to send salaries completely regularly. In my seventeen years I spent there, I moved and resided in several states, from the more conservative southern states like Texas, to the liberal states in the center such as Indiana and Illinois, and in the West like California. I have traveled all over America and visited most of the states. Indeed, during one of the summer holidays, I decided instead of going to Saudi Arabia that I would wander between the American states from the far east in Chicago to the far west in San Francisco and back and forth. But I did not have enough money to buy a bus ticket, so I gathered the travel supplies in a bag that I hung with the sleeping bag on my back and went to the highway, and I started to point my hand to the speeding cars so that I might find someone kind to me and take me a distance longer or short, depending on which destination The driver comes to it from truck drivers or university students who go to visit their families on vacation, and I have fierce discussions with them at times and friendly most of the time. Often I would sleep on my sleeping bag and sleep in the wilds on the desert roads. My trip took more than a month to see and get to know America closely. I do not think you will find a place comparable to America, neither in the diversity of its environments and the beauty of nature, nor in the openness of the American people and their acceptance of other peoples.

While I was there, I experienced massive student rallies for or against many domestic and international issues, from opposition to the Vietnam War and forced conscription to the Watergate scandal in 1968, the dismissal of President Richard Nixon, and other issues such as racism, the environment, the Greens, the gay movement, women’s rights issues and women’s empowerment. gender equality. In my early beginnings, I often participated in these marches, not convinced of their propositions, but rather to sit at the tables of honorable people, because the march is often after it ends in bending a knee and sitting on a tablecloth in which it is delicious, meaning a modern kashta in the gardens of the lakes. Later, I began participating in these marches with awareness and a desire to learn about their contents and objectives.

After I moved to the University of Berkeley, where the leaders of radicalism and the American left were stationed, I had grown up, nurtured and reasoned, and little by little I began to probe these movements and delve into their goals and outcomes.

The result that I came out with is that those who have not penetrated into the core of American culture in particular, and Western culture in general, may be deceived by appearances into calculating the fat in his fat and tumor. I have noticed that these marches and the issues they contain start out modest and honest in their intentions, but gradually gain momentum, and their percentages start to rise in opinion polls until they turn into an issue of public concern. As soon as any of these movements senses their home of strength and gradually begins to bite teeth and clenches their hands, it turns into a political movement with its aspirations and aspirations, and its slogans are transformed over time into tools of hegemony and moral control and into tools of power and means of extending power to gain political gain.

Fortunately for the United States, its political system, in contrast to the systems of the third world countries, is deeper and more solid than to be shaken by these demonstrations and marches. These movements are rejected in their beginnings by the traditional and conservative politicians who form the majority in the joints of political power. However, as soon as one of these movements overwhelms the masses of the street, experienced politicians will realize the strengths of it and start to flatter it and climb over it, not necessarily because they believe in the justice of the issues they adopt, but because they see them as means and reasons through which they reach public offices and leadership centers. Professional politicians hijack these rightful and basically just issues to turn on their hands into cards that look like poker cards, making them platforms to launch from and wings to fly with in the world of politics, power and influence. The ambiguity and ambiguity of the content of many of these issues and their blurring and ease of diversion in any direction makes it easy to use them as a tool of hegemony and as effective weapons to be saved for use in times of political disputes in the game of nations. And this is the game of politics; It is a game of empowerment, not an ethics and religion game.

This is not only in domestic politics, but professional politicians are working to alter these noble concepts and intentions of the protesters to make them in their hands deadly tools for bullying and the value and cultural domination of third world countries and misleading their people. What helps them in this is that the cultural and media hegemony of the West has made its issues and concerns transnational international issues that it uses as effective tools of pressure, domination and influence without respecting the cultural specifics, historical context and social conditions of each country, especially with the development of media and social media programs and ease of fabricating news . It is a game of interests and the extension of hegemony and influence, not concern for the welfare of peoples and taking care of their interests. They claim to defend human causes and are the least concerned with people.

It took me a few years to come to this conclusion. The first thing that caught my attention and led me to this result was the behavior of “young men” and “young women”, who usually fill the protest squares, especially the most extreme of them such as Trotskyists and Marxists. None of these elevated his liberal and socialist convictions to the status of angels, nor did they make him an exceptional person in behavior and ethics. Rather, I found them fiercer than others in using violence and fraud to achieve their goals and programs. In their demonstrations and protests, they found the most resort to practices not recognized by custom or the constitution. I noticed that they were more fiercer in their hostility and immorality in their rivalry, even with each other, than the average person who adopted the ethics of a peaceful citizen who did not adhere to their beliefs and ideas. As soon as they graduate and enter the world of employment, you will find most of them disavowing their radical pasts and gasping for money, prestige and prestige.

From my discussion of these, I found that the concept of human brotherhood that they sing about is a purely mathematical process without human fat, as it is limited only to the percentage owed to you of the net national income, as for the concepts of mercy, pity and fear, these are not mentioned in their dictionaries. Even their holiday parties and weekends are wild parties that are rarely free of indecency and violence. They may soften your side at the start of getting to know you, but it is just a silly trick by trying to lure you into joining the flock. History testifies that the totalitarian left-wing regimes that were founded on the claim that their goal is to extract a person’s freedom and rights were generally among the most oppressive and arbitrary regimes that extracted human freedom and denied his rights.

The lesson that I learned from my contact and contact with the radical movements in the American milieu and in California in the West is that radical thought does not make you a person compassionate towards your fellow human being, but rather I found compassion and human brotherhood in the American South in Texas, where adherence to the teachings of Christ and human brotherhood.

This is not a snippet of a resume writing project. What I meant here was a warning against falling into the traps of the slogans of the pretenders of liberalism, the deception of human rights, and the game of opinion and the other opinion. Many legitimate issues are transformed in the hands of professional politicians into slogans and tools to control minds, direct opinions and distort the image of the other. My message is that we should not be deceived by every croak. If we look carefully, we will see behind the hill what is behind it. Life’s experiences have taught me that my judgment on any political move or action is based on the merits and achievements and not on slogans and chants.

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