How to lock WhatsApp with a fingerprint


Last update: 30 – Oct – 2020 9:50 am

The WhatsApp application has a fingerprint lock feature, this means that even if someone is able to unlock your phone, as long as they do not have access to your fingerprints, your WhatsApp messages are still safe, and here’s what you need to do to enable the WhatsApp lock Fingerprint in the Android system.

Turn on the fingerprint lock for WhatsApp:

Open the app.
Click on more options.
Go to (Settings)> (Account)> (Privacy).
Click (Fingerprint Lock), then (Fingerprint Unlock).
Place your finger on your phone’s fingerprint sensor to confirm your fingerprint.
You should now be ready to lock the fingerprint app.
Now that you have set up the fingerprint lock, when you launch the WhatsApp application, you will need to use your fingerprint for authentication, and this may be a little more inconvenient and may cost you some time, but it is better for privacy and security in general. You can also adjust settings so that you can choose the amount of time before fingerprint authentication is required.
This will help reduce the number of requests, especially if you use the app frequently, as you will also be able to turn “Show content in notifications” on or off, and this will allow you to hide or display the message preview in your notifications if you want additional privacy.

It is worth noting that Facebook, which owns the WhatsApp application, has updated the application to replace the (one-year) option (always). Some family members or friends may add you to a group of groups in the WhatsApp application, and you may find that the content published in that group does not help you, and the large number of messages distract you from some of your work, and you would like you to be able to leave the group, but you do not do so in consideration of anyone. In this or similar situation, mute the chat may be your preferred option, as no one can see that you have done so.


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