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In a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland College of Medicine, USA, it was reported that people who take aspirin daily and regularly are at lower risk of complications. novel coronavirus Which leads to death compared to others who do not take aspirin.

The study was based on 412 patients, a quarter of whom were taking a low dose of aspirin daily before entering the hospital, or they started taking the drug shortly after entering the hospital.

The study, published in the medical journal “Anesthesia and Analgesia”, confirmed that aspirin users are less likely to have complications from the Corona virus, and are less likely to enter the intensive care unit or need oxygen.

After analyzing the results, the study researchers said that those who took aspirin had a 47% lower risk of death in hospital, compared to others.

The researchers also confirmed that those who took aspirin reduced their need for oxygen by 44%, and their need for intensive care by 43%.

Aspirin reduces the risk of corona

According to the study, the researchers confirmed that aspirin reduces the risks of the Corona virus because it prevents dangerous blood clots that form in the heart, and researchers believe that it reduces the risk of corona because it prevents dangerous blood clots that form in the heart, lungs, blood vessels and other organs in the body, which may lead to death. Because of heart attacks, strokes, and the failure of multiple organs in the body to perform their functions.

“Mourning”: the patient must take anticoagulants

Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad, an allergist and immunologist, explains that this study is not confirmed until now, and work is still based on its confirmation, but he provides advice to a Coronavirus patient by relying on taking anticoagulants, including aspirin: “Corona is a respiratory virus that enters the lung, because it causes thrombosis or “Clot in the blood protein, so you must then take anticoagulants, as the presence of this type of medicine contributes to reducing the incidence of clots.”


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