“Hollywood monster” .. 6 new charges of sexual assault


District Attorney said Los Angeles Jackie Lacey said in a statement, Friday, that the six charges against Harvey Weinstein involve two victims, and refer to incidents that occurred more than 10 years ago.

Cairo Harvey WeinsteinEarlier this year, he was convicted in New York of Sexual crimesIn total, there are now 4 counts of forced rape and forced oral sex, two counts of coerced sexual assault, and one count of forcible penetration, including 5 victims of crimes that spanned from 2004 to 2013 in Los Angeles.

There was no immediate comment from representatives of Weinstein, who is serving 23 years in prison New York, On the new charges, according to Reuters.

Despite the verdicts and charges against him, Weinstein, 68, has consistently denied the practice of Forced sex.

If convicted of the charges against him in Los Angeles, Weinstein, who was once a Hollywood mogul, could face up to 140 years in state prison, according to Friday’s statement.

“I am grateful to the women who initially reported these crimes, as their courage gave strength to others to come forward (with reports)” against Weinstein, Lacey said in the statement.

Weinstein was initially accused by Los Angeles prosecutors of sexually assaulting two women during separate incidents in 2013, and those accusations came in January.

The movement (می توHe was found guilty in New York of sexual assault and rape in a criminal case as a victory for the movement against sexual disgraceful behavior by men.

Prosecutors in Los Angeles initiated procedures to file an application for Weinstein’s extradition and provisional detention.

A hearing on his extradition is scheduled for next December.


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