Hillary’s emails expose Loujain Al-Hathloul and Manal Al-Sharif’s workers (photo)


Agencies (Echo):

Hillary’s e-mails, which the US State Department lifted secretly about, continue to expose the Brotherhood’s members and the Qatari regime, and the enemies that lay in wait for the Arab world and the Kingdom in particular.

One of the e-mails set off a high-caliber scandal for the two called Lujain Al-Hathloul and Manal Al-Sharif, who repeatedly tried to upend society and spread their poisons in it, which means that they were agents of the American regime at the time in the Kingdom.

The emails confirmed that they cooperated directly with Hillary Clinton through the international lawyer responsible for the cooperation between them, “Annie Marie Slaughter.”

The attorney sent an email to Hillary, explaining to her that Manal al-Sharif had been stopped due to her invitation to a demonstration in 6-7 2011, adding that if she stated against her suspension, it would generate a backlash.

The e-mail included a satanic plan to take advantage of the arrest of Manal Al-Sharif, as encouragement and an implicit message to women’s movements in the Arab Gulf and to generate pressure.

Hillary sent to her, saying: “I will not express public support for Saudi women activists because it will harm their cause, but I am aware of a broad move that the activists are planning in June 2011 and I hope that change will happen at that time.”

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