Hey Pictures :: The Amazon founder’s fortune exceeds $ 200 billion again


The founder of the “Amazon” company, Jeff Bezos, has become again the richest man in the world, whose fortune exceeds $ 200 billion, after the shares of his company rose.Bezos’s fortune has gone beyond that as his company’s shares rose in preparation for the company’s annual Prime Day sale event.

Bezos became the first person whose fortune exceeded $ 200 billion last August, but he quickly fell below the required level, with the price of Amazon shares falling slightly, but he was able again to exceed the amount of that wealth with a rise in shares by 5.3%, which raised the net His fortune is about 9 billion dollars.

Bezos founded the company “Amazon” in 1994 and is its CEO, and owns a large percentage of this giant company, with a stake of little more than 11% of the company, which has a market value of $ 1.7 trillion.

And Prime Day was postponed for several months due to measures related to the Coronavirus.

Source: Agencies


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