Health in Ramallah: 50,000 doses of seasonal influenza vaccines arrive within days – Fatah Media


Fatah Media – Ramallah:

Ali Abd Rabbo, director of the Minister of Health’s office in Ramallah, confirmed this morning, Wednesday, that there are 50,000 doses of the seasonal influenza vaccine that have been ordered and will arrive these days.

Abd Rabbo added in a statement to him that as soon as the vaccine doses arrive, an invitation will be directed to everyone who suffers from chronic diseases or weak immunity to give him the vaccine, in light of the high number of virus infections Corona .

He noted that the fear at this stage of the Corona virus and the high number of infections is not only at the level of Palestine, but the whole world is concerned and apprehensive.

Abed Rabbo pointed out that at this stage the viral activity is renewed and the number of infections is very large, and there is a community outbreak of the virus, indicating that there is a proportion and proportion between the numbers of infections and the number of examinations, and if there is an ability to increase the number of tests, there will be more infections.

He pointed out that the situation after all this is under control because the criterion of control is the ability of the health system to deal with cases that enter hospitals.

Abd Rabbo stressed that there are great fears from the coming days and a significant increase in the number of injuries, and the Ministry of Health is working to increase the capacity of hospitals and the number of beds and equip central care rooms so that they are ready to accommodate the largest number of injuries possible.




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