He will participate in a big election rally .. Trump: I am no longer ill with Corona


US President Donald Trump said today, Sunday, that he is no longer a source of transmission for the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), and that he has immunity to the disease. This comes at a time when he is preparing to participate tomorrow in a major electoral rally.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump added that the tests showed that he would be able to return to the election campaign without posing a danger to others.

Trump said in his speech, “I passed the highest test and the highest standards, and I am in good condition .. It seems that I have immunity, I can get out.”

A new check

For his part, his doctor Sean Conley said that the president underwent a new examination yesterday that showed that it was no longer a source of infection with the virus, but he did not mention whether the results of his tests were negative.

In a statement yesterday, Conley added that a variety of tests conducted for the president showed that there was no longer evidence of “active replication of the virus.”

Trump appeared at his first public event yesterday, Saturday, since his return to the White House last Monday after staying in the hospital for 3 days to be treated for the Corona virus, and tomorrow he is preparing to participate in an election rally in Sanford in Florida.

Trump revealed that he was infected with the virus on October 2, and doubts were raised about whether he was still a carrier of the infection, and he stated in previous statements that he was no longer suffering from symptoms of the virus that killed more than 210 thousand Americans.


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