“He is neither Egyptian nor Jordanian.”


A number of users of the social networking site “Facebook” circulated a video clip of an attempted assault on a person inside a shop, claiming that he is of Egyptian nationality, and others claim that he is Jordanian, and works in one of the Gulf countries.

And the video clip showed that this person repelled the attack by two people, and hit them cruelly, until they fled from him..

The fact of the video is that in Brazil, in the state of Minas Gerais, there was no presence of any Egyptian national, and the quarrel took place between an official of home delivery service, working in a store, that incident occurred on October 12, at eight in the evening Brazilian time, according to what he published Brazilian Minas Gerais website.

Two men entered the shop with a firearm, and tried to threaten the order delivery service worker to leave the shop and leave the workers in it, but he refused and clashed with them, and the surprise was that he managed to hit them with movements similar to action movies, and left the shop later after he put them to the ground, while the two men got up After the worker beat them and drove their car.

The incident sparked mockery by social media activists in Brazil, and many of them likened what happened to “anime” movies.

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